Trowel Trowel Handyman: 10 Trowel Hacks You Need to Know

Trowel Trowel Handyman: Discover the secrets to becoming a DIY pro with these 10 essential trowel hacks that will revolutionize your home projects.

When it comes to gardening, having the right tools can make all the difference in the world. One tool that every gardener should have in their arsenal is a trusty trowel. This small handheld shovel is perfect for planting, weeding, and soil preparation tasks. But did you know that there are some ingenious trowel hacks that can take your gardening game to the next level? In this blog post, we will explore 10 genius trowel hacks that every gardener needs to know.

Sharpie Marker

One of the simplest yet most effective trowel hacks is using a Sharpie marker. By marking the depth you need to plant bulbs or seeds on your trowel blade, you can ensure accurate planting every time. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to perfectly spaced and planted seeds!

Bottle Cap

Attaching a bottle cap to the end of your trowel handle can create a comfortable grip that provides better leverage when digging. This hack is perfect for those long gardening sessions when you need all the help you can get to reduce hand fatigue and make digging easier.

Pencil Holder

Keep track of your gardening tools by using a pencil holder attached to your trowel handle. No more losing your trowel or struggling to find your pencil in the depths of your gardening bag. With this hack, your tools will always be within arm’s reach.

Rubber Band

Wrap a rubber band around the handle of your trowel to hold seed packets or notes for easy reference while gardening. This simple hack keeps important information right where you need it, allowing you to stay organized and focused on the task at hand.

Sifting Screen

Create a simple sifting screen with your trowel by using it to quickly remove rocks and debris from soil before planting. This hack can save you time and effort by ensuring that your soil is free from obstacles that could impede plant growth.

Bottle Opener

Did you know that the flat edge of your trowel can double as a makeshift bottle opener? After a long day of gardening, you deserve a refreshing beverage, and with this hack, you can easily pop the top off any bottle without searching for a separate

Cord Holder

Attach a cord holder to your trowel handle to keep garden twine or hose organized and easily accessible. No more tangled messes or frustrating searches for the end of your garden twine – this simple hack keeps everything neat and tidy.


Glue a small magnet to the end of your trowel to pick up metal objects like nails or screws in the garden. This hack not only helps you keep your garden clean and hazard-free but also prevents accidents from stepping on sharp objects.


Keep a toothbrush with your trowel to quickly clean off dirt and debris from the blade for easy maintenance. A clean trowel not only looks better but also functions better, allowing you to make precise cuts and digs in the soil.

Velcro Strap

Use a Velcro strap to secure your trowel to your gardening apron or belt for quick and convenient access while working in the garden. This hack ensures that your trowel is always at arm’s length, allowing you to seamlessly transition between tasks without wasting time looking for your tool.


These 10 genius trowel hacks are sure to revolutionize the way you approach gardening tasks. From accurate planting to convenient tool organization, each hack offers a unique benefit that can make your gardening experience more efficient and enjoyable. So why not give these hacks a try and unleash your inner handyman in the garden?

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