Trowel Trowel: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Trowel for 24×12 Tiles

Trowel Trowel: Unlock the secrets to flawless tile placement with this ultimate guide on using a trowel for 24×12 tiles. Master the art now!

When it comes to mastering the art of tile placement, choosing the right trowel is crucial for achieving a flawless finish, especially when working with larger tiles like 12×24. In this curated guide, we will explore the different types of trowels available for laying 12×24 tiles and provide recommendations for the best trowels suited for this specific tile size.

Types of Trowels for 12×24 Tiles

When it comes to trowels for 12×24 tiles, there are several options to consider, each offering unique benefits and applications based on the tile size and material. Let’s delve into the three main types of trowels commonly used for laying larger format tiles.

V-Notch Trowel

The V-notch trowel is a popular choice for spreading thinset on larger tiles like 12×24 due to its ability to provide adequate coverage and ensure proper adhesion. The V-shaped notches on the trowel help create grooves in the adhesive, allowing for better contact between the tile and substrate.

Square-Notch Trowel

Similar to the V-notch trowel, the square-notch trowel can also be utilized for laying 12×24 tiles. The square-shaped notches on this trowel offer a different pattern for spreading the thinset, providing an alternative option for achieving proper coverage and adhesion.

U-Notch Trowel

The U-notch trowel is another trowel type that works well for 12×24 tiles, offering a different application method compared to the V-notch and square-notch trowels. The U-shaped notches on this trowel create a unique pattern for spreading the thinset and ensuring optimal coverage for larger format tiles.

Tips for Using Trowels with 12×24 Tiles

When using trowels for laying 12×24 tiles, it’s essential to follow proper techniques to achieve a professional finish. Here are some tips for using trowels with larger format tiles:

  • Ensure the thinset is mixed to the correct consistency for spreading with the chosen trowel.
  • Use the trowel at a 45-degree angle to create even ridges for optimal adhesive coverage.
  • Work in small sections to prevent the thinset from drying out before placing the tiles.
  • Press the tiles firmly into the thinset to ensure proper adhesion and eliminate air gaps.
  • Clean excess thinset from the grout lines immediately to maintain a clean and uniform tile surface.


Choosing the right trowel for laying 12×24 tiles is essential for achieving a professional and durable tile installation. By selecting the best trowel suited for this specific tile size and following proper techniques for tile placement, you can ensure a successful and flawless outcome for your tiling project. Consider our recommendations and tips for using trowels with 12×24 tiles to master the art of tile placement and create stunning tile surfaces that stand the test of time.

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